I’m a mother , Spiritual Mentor , and Intuitive Crystal healer.

After being lost for too long; I now stand in my power and speak my truth. It was in the darkness I discovered I am a powerful healer. Once I fully embodied my truth, magical things started to happen all around me. My dreams and aspirations began to manifest almost instantaneously as my reality. What began as a traumatic event blossomed into my souls mission and life’ s purpose.  Mysterious and magical healing modalities came pouring into my life as I found The Akashic Records, Reiki, and other brilliant spiritual tools. Access to these records provided direct answers for so many of my questions and brought me the peace I had been seeking so long. I now had a direct line to my soul’s blueprint since its inception. These gifts lead me to becoming a Spiritual Mentor , Healer , and Crystal Intuitive; it is my intention to share these gifts with others, helping womban alchemize their pain into a solid foundation of purpose and ultimately bountiful pleasure. Through my offerings of ceremonies, soul sessions and mentorship programs in conjunction with therapeutic spiritual tools. Through shadow work, trauma transmutation, sound healing, soul patterning, energetic fortification, embodiment practices, and healing with plant medicines. 

My soulmate clients start first by healing and releasing any distortions in their lives and energetic fields. Together we work to identify the root causes of suffering and imbalances. Traumatic wounds begin to heal, boundaries grow stronger and triggers/challenging emotions are more easily and peacefully navigated.

From this new foundation of health the activation process begins – first by replacing limiting beliefs with desired outcomes and later by an activation of their own deep inner knowing, inherent abilities, and clairvoyant powers.

Once they awaken to their gifts, an anchoring, integration and embodiment begins.

They deepen their sense of worthiness and purpose, transcending victimhood and stepping into a new role as authentically empowered creators. 

The completion of this process leads to a powerful soul alignment and embodiment that allows them to open fully as a channel for divine energy to flow through. They create and manifest their deepest desires, live their highest calling, and inspire others to do the same.